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Monday, August 5

Wednesday, 2.August

We left Lviv 18. July.1944, i.e., on Wednesday at 10 o’clock in the morning. We made it  to Przemy'sl by 5:00 in the afternoon. There we spent the night and the following day. Director Andrukhovych received us very nicely and even arranged for the night’s lodging for everyone; whoever wanted, slept on hay in a barn. From that day of our “emigration”, we left Przemy’sl in the direction of Krynica, staying in various towns along the way, sometimes to rest, other times because of car trouble. Later we reached Jaroslaw where we spent the night on our fists (it was an unpleasant night). We set out again the next day and spent the night in . . . . . . . where we slept on hay (it was very tight). Finally, on Sunday at 12:00 noon, we arrived in Krynica. Krynica was a very nice city, but in our circumstances and after such a trip (we were dirty, tired, dusty, sweaty), I didn’t even want to look around. Here some had made arrangements for accommodations, so they went directly to their places. But we had nowhere to go so we slept in a dairy “Javoryna” in the bookkeeping office on the floor, where we sleep to this day, only now in the office, where there is a little more room and where we now have our own corner, to keep our things. But most importantly, there is a bathtub and hot water where you can have a good bath, of which I take advantage as much as possible. Nevertheless, I would prefer to not bathe and not see beautiful sights, but to be in Lviv where my thoughts constantly return, and for which reason I often cry for my parents. But since Kolia, along with Ashka, who visited us here, criticized me for it, I don’t cry any more, but I constantly think about what is happening with my parents in Lviv.

Kolia very often does not understand me, and this causes me a lot of pain, because I expect something completely different from him, gentleness and understanding for my sorrow.

The fortunate thing is that we get perfectly reasonable dinners and breakfasts here and sometimes even suppers, which I appreciated when after four days of hard travel, I got my first dinner (barley soup, potato salad, 1/2 egg, and compote) which almost tasted better than the best fruit I’d ever eaten. We have been in Krynica 9 days already, and there is a lot of talk of leaving for Slovakia where we also will go, if we get permission and if they allow crossing of the border. In the meantime, there is much running around in this matter and writing of letters. Tomorrow, that is, 3.August. 1944, Dir. Mudryk, (Dir. Palij left a while ago), Mr. Shchurovshkij, Mrs. Rakovshka, and others are leaving. We will be staying behind, but for how long we don’t know. Maybe God will help us get through this brutal war and we’ll return to Lviv to our families.